• Build A Better Mousetrap Competition 2016!

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    NH LTAP is excited to bring the Build a Better Mousetrap Competition to New Hampshire, so get those creative juices flowing! Have you or any of your fellow crew members recently built an innovative gadget or developed an improved way to do a job? It can be anything from the development of tools, equipment modifications, and/or processes that increase safety, reduce cost, improve efficiency, or improve the quality of transportation.

    Build a Better Mousetrap's purpose is to collect and disseminate real world examples of best practices, tips from the field, and assist in the transfer of technology. The competition is a fantastic way for innovative ideas to be exchanged with others that may benefit from different concepts and perspectives.





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The Year of the Pearl


Happy 30th Anniversary to the NH Technology Transfer Center!  In 1986, five years after House Bill 4209 was passed and signed into law, the NH LTAP known as the UNH Technology Transfer Center was established and has been offering "PEARLS" of wisdom ever since!  This came on the heels of the government's decision to broaden the program, instituting a 50/50 match of federal funds with local funds.  Check out our latest newsletter, too!

2015 Program Statistics

2015 NH LTAP Statistics

2015 was a busy year at the NH LTAP! Over 1,100 participants were trained through our Roads Scholar Program, hailing from more than half of New Hampshire's municipalities!  Check out our 2015 Stats.

Build A Better Mousetrap 2016

Build A Better Mousetrap Competition 2016!

Submit your Entry Form today to compete in this year's Build a Better Mousetrap competition!

Technical Assistance & Safety Audits

We offer Technical Assistance and Safety Audits.  Safety Audits are a proactive investigation of your road network or specific location or trouble area.

The Year of the Pearl
2015 Program Statistics
Build A Better Mousetrap 2016

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